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Calorie Counter - People often have questions about how many calories they should be consuming and how that relates to what they are actually consuming each day. This site allows you to key in a specific food and get a breakdown of it's contents per serving.

Animated Exercise Examples - Over 100 animated exercise examples for every muscle in the body provided by The

BMI (Body Mass Index) - BMI is a calculation commonly used to determine potential weight problems for children, teens and adults. Please note that depending on body composition (amount of fat tissue vs lean muscle tissue), BMI reading alone may not accurately reflect how much body fat a person has. Depending on body fat distribution determined by additional measurements would better determine one's level of health risk.

Metric BMI Calculator

Weight (Kilograms)    Height (Centimeters)


BMI Weight
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5-24.9 Ideal
25-29.9 Overweight
Above 30 Obese

Imperial BMI Calculator

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