Welcome To Our Pay It Forward Page

We feel that health comes not only from exerting ourselves physically, but by also extending ourselves emotionally and doing things to help others.

We hope to inspire and encourage all our visitors to help make our world a better and healthier place.
Please let us know if you have a story you would like to share... we'd love to hear from you!

Have a look at the act of kindness we came across just recently: Mikayla decided that she wanted to donate her hair to a local charity called Angel Hair for Kids, who makes wigs for kids suffering from alopecia, burns or who are fighting cancer. We went to the Promenade mall in Thornhill, and found a woman named Carol at Tonic Studio.

Mikayla and Carol

Carol was amazing with Mikayla, gave her a fantastic cut and asked that if we knew anyone who was looking to make a similar donation, that she would be happy to be a part of their experience.

We wanted to thank her for donating her time and for making Mikayla feel so special throughout her experience there.

A big Thank You goes to Carol at Tonic Studio (905) 771-1117