Frequently Asked Questions

What does a personal trainer actually do?
A personal trainer works closely with their clients to ensure they are perfoming their exercises safely and with the appropriate intensity in order to attain their health and fitness goals. The trainer creates programs suited to help them attain their goals. They guide and motivate their clients as they perform their exercises and encourage them to lead a better lifestyle by helping them make lifestyle choices which will ultimately benefit them long-term.

What does ODW Fitness have to offer?
ODW Fitness works with clients who have a wide range of needs. Clients ask for anything from assistance in improving their health and living more active lives to losing weight. We also specialize in working with clients who have special needs or who have been diagnosed with conditions which could be improved by increasing their activity levels and by changing their eating habits. In addition, we work with post rehab patients whose goals may include improving range of motion, mobility, flexibility and strength. Whenever necessary, we liase with their physicians and work within the parameters recommended to ensure that all the exercises are safe that they are working towards the same goals as those of the doctor.

How long have you been in business?
Orna graduated from George Brown College’s Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program in 1995 and has been actively involved in the fitness industry ever since. She began her career working in a rehabilitation clinic and working closely with disabled individuals, assisting them in their daily routines. She then expanded her scope to include personal training, teaching fitness classes, and working in numerous high end fitness clubs throughout the city. During her time as an Assistant Fitness Manager, she took an opportunity to work with Mad Dogg Athletics Inc., and Spinning. She spent a number of years certifying and training instructors on how to teach the Spinning program. She continued to expand her fitness scope to include teaching at George Brown College as a Professor in the Fitness Program.

How does ODW Fitness work with clients?

During our sessions, we work closely with our clients to ensure they are performing their exercises correctly. We modify their programs and progress on an ongoing basis and spend time ensuring that each client is focused and happy with the intensity and layout of each session. We are happy to work with individuals as well as in small groups~ the choice is that of each client.

How much do you charge?
Our prices vary depending on the size of package that is purchased. If a client commits to 10 sessions, their cost per session is less than should they purchase individual sessions.

What kinds of people do you train?
We train post rehab patients, sedentary individuals who want to become more fit, active people who want more of a challenge, young adults, elderly people, overweight individuals and really, anyone who wants to improve their health and/or performance levels.

Where do you train?
All trainers at ODW fitness are able to train people in their homes or in a gym environment. They will gladly train at a gym, however, prior consent must be given in order to do so.

What are your working hours?
We are flexible. We are available to train as early or as late as our clients would like.

How long is each session?
On average, sessions may range in time from 30 min-60 min. This depends on the individual needs of each client and their tolerance to the activity. Beginners may decide to start off with 30 minute sessions more frequently during the week in order to build up their endurance while others may decide they would prefer 60 minute sessions. In any case, we ensure that we maximize our time with each client so that each person feels great at the end of our time together.

How many sessions would I need?
This largely depends on the goals, abilities and needs of each individual client. Individual's wants and needs are discussed in the initial intake session.

What does your initial intake session consist of?
When our trainers first meets with their client, they cover a number of very important areas needed in order to program for the client. We spend time speaking with the individual to establish any prior health issues they may have, we gather information on their fitness/exercise history, prior injuries, obstacles they may have, we do some goal setting and general nutrition information gathering prior to taking any measurements. We then take blood pressure, girth measurements, do some strength/endurance assessments which are followed by a short activity session. Throughout, the client is encouraged to ask questions so that they are clear on what we are doing and why.

What should I wear?
We recommend clients to wear comfortable clothes that allow them to move i.e. T-shirt, workout pants, socks and sneakers.

Can my spouse, children or friend train with me too?
Absolutely! We are happy to work with whoever wants to join!
Children of all ages are able to exercise with us. We always make the appropriate modifications to ensure that all guidelines are met based on their individual ages.

What will I be doing in each workout?
Each session includes a warm up component if the clients have not warmed up already, a weight training component, core training, followed by stretching.

What kind of results can I expect to see?
Individual results depend on how much work the clients put into their program. If one exercises regularly and eats nutritionally, they will see physical results within 2-3 months. For some, it may be sooner. Most people experience increased energy, stamina, more sound sleep, and change in body composition within the first month.

How do I get started?
Give us a call or drop us an email to speak with a trainer and/or to set up a consultation.

What is your cancellation policy? 
We do not offer refunds on purchased sessions however, they may be transferred to others, as long as the other person has had an initial intake session with one of our trainers.

I don’t have exercise equipment, what do I need for you to train me in my home?
We will bring all necessary equipment to your home if you do not have any.

What exercise equipment do you provide?
We will provide rubber tubing, weights, pulleys, balls and Bosus as required. Our equipment is portable, however, if you have equipment at home, we would be happy to work with it.

Are you certified?, Do you have insurance?
All our trainers are certified, have insurance as well as a minimum of 2 years experience working in the fitness field. Orna is nationally certified by the Canadian Society of Exercise Professionals and has a diploma from George Brown College in the Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program. She also has commercial and general liability insurance.
What areas of Toronto do you service?
The quoted prices are for the areas bordered by Elgin Mills to the north, Don Mills to the east, Lawrence to the south and Keele to the west. Additional travel charges may apply for areas outside of these perimeters.

Can I have ODW Fitness trainer work with me at my local gym?
If the gym permits, yes.

Do you provide diet planning? Do you charge extra?

We follow the Canada's Food Guide and promote/educate based on this Nationally recognized data. Should additional more involved guidance be needed, we work with registered dieticians and will gladly refer to them.

Do you change the training program? If so, how often?
Yes, we create our programs, monitor them as well as the progress of our clients. We work hard to ensure they are always challenged to perform to their fullest potential. Programs are adjusted from session to session to promote muscle strength and growth and to ensure that the client's needs are being met.